8 Resources That Will Help You With Your Writing!


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Pinterest is one of my go to’s for writing ideas. I can find ideas about any topic I am interested in. You are even able to advertise your blog articles on Pinterest. I have not figured out how to do that yet exactly, but I am still using it for writing ideas. In fact a lot of the time I use Pinterest more often than ask the public and blog ideas generator.

I create a board for each topic that I collect ideas from. I also search those topics for pins that are not even on my boards. Once I find a topic I find interesting, I will search for more pins about that topic. I read all that I can about the topic that I choose and take notes on what I want to add to my article at that time.

The Hemmingway Editor

The Hemmingway editor has become one of my favorite programs.

Since using this program I have learned how to write better. My first drafts are no longer as bad as they once were. I am more focused on the editing of my writing. This is not my only editing tool but it is the second round of editing that I do. I use it for every article I ever right anymore.

If you haven’t invested in this program I highly recommend that you make the investment. Your editing will be all the much better with it. It is inexpensive to invest in. I only paid about $20 dollars for the program. So it is worth the investment. Especially if you can’t afford to hire a professional editor to do your editing for you.


I have installed this program on my laptop and on my phone. I use it all the time. This is the first editing app that I discovered and use. I use Grammarly for my first and third round of editing. I only use the free version, not the paid version.

My entire editing consists If at least four rounds of revision.

  • Round 1- fix spelling and punctuation mistakes that show up.
  • Round 2- run my writing through the Hemingway editor. This is to fix sentences and grammar mistakes.
  • Round 3- run my writing through Grammarly again fixing any missed mistakes.
  • Round 4- line by line editing. Fixing capitalization issues and incomplete sentences.


This is one program I haven’t used. I have heard it is a must-have for writing novels and nonfiction books. Most use it for writing fiction novels only. But Joanna Penn none fiction, and novelist uses it for both.

The reason I don’t use it is that the price of this software is around $40. This is double the price of AI Writer. I would love to try Scrivener because it comes so highly recommended. It seems like a fun program to try. Unfortunately, though, it is outside my budget right now.

AI Writer

This app is great for writing blog posts and short stories. It helps to focus on your writing without distractions. It works in regular mode and night mode. It also allows you to focus on 1 line or 1 paragraph at a time. It keeps a word count as MS Word does.

I was able to get the app on my phone free. It works well and is pretty cool. I am having fun with it. If I save my work on my dropbox account I can access the work I do on my phone right onto my laptop. I had to download dropbox from the app store on my laptop to do this. But it was worth it. Considering it was free to do so.

The program on my laptop was a 14-day free trial then you can buy it for $20. But I couldn’t get the laptop version to open. I completely uninstalled it and reinstalled it onto my laptop the next day. This time it is working for me.


If you’re creative enough and want to create your own book covers this is a great website. This is how I create all my book covers. They have photos you can buy from them or you can upload your own. Most of the photos and graphics they offer are around 1 or 2 dollars each.

If your budget doesn’t allow for that you can download free ones from the internet and then upload them to canva. Canva isn’t for book covers there are all kinds of projects you can create on the site. There is even an app that you can download and create on your phone.

Pixabay and unsplash

These are two places where you can find free to use photos on the web. Anytime you need a photo search thousands of free photos on these sites.

They are great for creating covers for books, web pages, blog articles. They are great for creating anything else that you need a photo for. These sites are great for using with your canva projects.

Amazons KDP site

If you have written a book but don’t want to waste time dealing with hundreds of rejections. You can come to Amazon’s KDP site. It won’t cost you one hot dime to publish your book.

There are many different vanity publishers out there who charge you to publish your book. Don’t fall for them. Especially when Amazon won’t charge you anything to publish it. I have used them 3 times so far. I have 3 books published now.

You will still have to market your own books but you can also do this for free. There are free marketing strategies and paid marketing strategies. So instead of going to a vanity publisher use that money and use it for paid marketing strategies on Amazon KDP.


Here I talked about 8 resources to help you with your writing. Most of them free to use. Even the ones that cost money are still under $50. These resources are invaluable for every writer. Whether your a novelist or nonfiction writer. Or even a blogger, you will need most of these resources to help you.

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