Discovering the World Of Scrivener And How You Can Too.

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I had done a freelance writing assignment recently and earned almost $80 on Upwork’s. So, I requested the money be transferred to my bank account. It arrived on the same day as the payday of my other job.

I thought this is extra money that I had not planned on. So, I got on my laptop and googled Scrivener cost. I then found a website with a link to Scrivener with a coupon code for 20% off. I thought, cool. So, I purchased it and only paid $36. Regular Price is $45.

Although I had some questions about it I took a chance. The questions I had were:

  • I know this is good for fiction novels. But… what about us nonfiction writers?
  • Can you write nonfiction with Scrivener?
  • Can you create an anthology book of short stories?
  • How can I go about doing so in this program?

Got confused in spots.

I played with the tutorial for a little while but got confused in spots. So, I looked up videos on YouTube to see how the program works.

I was excited to see that I can also use it to write nonfiction books as well. This means I will be able to get plenty of use out of it if I like it.

From what I could see if I worked it right, I could even create short story anthologies with it. Which made me happy to see. I could take this one step further and create blog posts for my publications here on medium. Now I do not create screenplays, but the option is there if I ever want to try it.

Wishing they had an app version for my phone and kindle.

I like programs that have apps that I can download on my phone to sync with. Because I like writing on my phone too. So, I was wishing that there was an app version for my phone and kindle. Unfortunately, there is not. So far this is the only problem I see with this program.

After watching some videos on how to use it, I got into the program and clicked on the nonfiction book button. I created a new file and began to outline for a new book I plan to write at some point. That is when I am finished with the two, I have in progress.

I am even considering moving everything on the in-progress books to Scrivener also. So, I can finish them then format them too.

I am going to like this program, as much as the Hemingway editor. We will see how it goes. But so far, it’s looking good.

The next session I had with this program I opened a WIP that I had in Evernote and word. The word file was my 2nd draft. The Evernote file was the 3rd draft after I ran the 2nd draft through the Hemingway editor.

I created a nonfiction project where I copied and pasted each chapter into the program. Then I began the 3rd round of editing fixing formatting issues. I incurred these issues when I cut and pasted the work from the Hemingway editor to Evernote.

Next, I started going chapter by chapter printing each one. Halfway through a chapter that was four pages printed on one page real tiny. I tried everything I could think of to get it to print. It wouldn’t print properly. I tried skipping that chapter and do the rest. But they all were the same way.

This is very frustrating. Finely I copied and pasted each chapter, one at a time. Right into a word document to print. I did not save them in word. I only printed from word. Finally, they printed.

What happened in Scrivener? I don’t know. But I now have a hard copy that I can go through the next round of editing on. I hope this problem doesn’t happen every time I want to print a project.

Next phase:

The fourth round of editing was done on the printouts I made. This took me a couple of days to finish. Once again, I got back on Scrivener. I started with the introduction fixing the mistakes found on my printouts. I did this going line by line. I also added text here and there as I went along beefing up my word count.


So far from what I have seen and done in the program, I am having fun with it. I am beginning to believe that it is the best investment I made for my writing career. I believe it to be the best discovery I have made since discovering the Hemingway Editor.

If you want to check out this program for a 2-week free trial…

Go here for the PC version!


Go here for the Mac version!


These are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you buy the program through my links.

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