Running A Contest Or Sweepstakes To Build Your List!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

This is a fast way to build it.

You don’t have an email list but want one. There is a way you can build one fast. Try setting up a contest or sweepstakes.

With a contest, the person signing up will have to complete a task to have a chance of winning. Sweepstakes are different. All they have to do is sign up and they are entered.

You can run it in one of two ways. You can run one either solo or team up with other people in the same business as you.

You don’t need an email list to run a contest or sweepstakes. But this is a great way to grow or boost your email list.

Your first step is to offer something your reader will want. For example: A kindle or a book bundle. You will want to give a prize that is relevant. It needs to be relevant to your brand product and niche.

You collect email addresses by offering people the chance to win your freebie prize. The contest must be free to enter. The only rule is to provide an email address. You should not ask for money. If you do, then it becomes a lottery. And this is illegal.

So how do you promote your contest? There are several places you will want to announce it. They include:

  • run your contest on your website
  • Share the contest on all your social media accounts. when you do, start the post with ‘giveaway alert’ or ‘contest alert’ in all caps
  • list on dozens or hundreds of giveaway/contest directories to get traffic.
  • Ask your contestants to share the contest with friends and family.

Your ultimate goal is to get a lot of entrants. This is how your building your list. After people sign up send them an email offering them a free copy of your book. Keep the ones who claim your free book. Then you will want to unsubscribe the ones who don’t. This gives you a better chance of getting a responsive list.

When you’re running a contest or sweepstakes you need to create urgency on your contest page. You might want to add a countdown timer for the last 7 days. Be sure you post your deadline. Also, post the date you will be awarding the prize to the winner.

List your contest rules on your ad. And be sure you make your rules clear. If you have a long list of rules, post them on your website. Then post a link to it in your ad.

When your contest is over you need to notify everyone that you have selected a winner. Then offer all the others who didn’t win a runner up prize.

There are many contest/giveaway sites you can use. Some of these sites are:


These are a few sites you can go to advertise your contest. For more sites to check out and advertise on try and Google: contest/giveaway sites.

When advertising your contest or sweepstakes on these sites do it on as many different ones you can. This will give you a further reach and get the information in front of thousands of people.

Final thoughts:

As stated earlier this is a great way to build or boost your email list. Normally, building a list takes time. But if you create a contest or sweepstakes follow the advice in this article. If you do, you can get hundreds if not thousands of email addresses. Be sure to tend to your list to build a relationship with them and keep them engaged and responsive.


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