Marketing 30 Minutes A Day!

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What are your options?

Most writers I have seen are no good at marketing or scared of it. They are the type of person who wants to write. Writing is what they are passionate about. It’s all they want to do.

But the problem is, no matter what they write, or how much they write, no one is going to see it if they don’t market it to people.

For example, look at J.K. Rowling. She wrote the fabulous Harry Potter series. What do you think would have happened if she did not market any of her books? Or her publishers didn’t do any marketing campaigns to get the word out about her books either?

  • No one would know anything about them.
  • No one would have read and fallen in love with them.
  • None of them would have turned into a movie.
  • No merchandise would exist.
  • And as for J.K. Rowling herself, she would still be poor.

This is a sad thought. Luckily for her and the whole world, they did market to spread the word about these fantastic stories.

There was a famous line in a movie that said:

Build it and they will come!

This concept doesn’t work when writing. How can they come to read what you have written when they don’t know that it exists? They can’t. You have to let them know about it. Once you have informed people that you have written something and what it is about, then they will come and read it.

There are thousands of methods of marketing your writing. There are some paid marketing strategies. Then there are free marketing strategies. Which ones should you use?

Well, it will depend. It depends on how much money you have to spend on your marketing. When a person starts their writing career, they don’t have much money to put into their marketing budget.

If your one of these people, then you will want to follow the free strategies. At least until you get the money to use the paid. This is a slower process. It takes longer. But when you don’t have money to throw at this then this is your best option.

This is how I am doing it right now. Because I don’t have any money to put towards my marketing budget. This may change when I get my income taxes back.

So what kind of marketing is there that I can do in 30 minutes?

Well, there is a lot of different methods. In this article, I will cover some of them. Some are free and some paid.

Social media marketing

This option is where I am at right now. There are 2 ways you can do this. There paid ads and there are free ways you can do it. Right now as I said, I am doing the free options.

  • The paid ads way — You go to the advertising section on your social media sites and buy your ads. Thay will run until you have reached your budget threshold. You pay per click.
  • The free version — you join groups that relate to your niche. Then you post in them and on your main timeline Be sure when you post in your groups you follow their rules. You don’t want to get kicked out for spam.

Guest Blogging

This is where you can contact blogs related to your niche. You ask them if you can write a guest post. If they say yes, then you write an article and add a link back to your website in your bio lines. When your guest blogging on someone else blog you need to read the guidelines for the site. You need to follow the rules. If you don’t your post won’t get published.

Online blog tour

This is where you go around to different blogs and do different things. On one blog you might write a guest post. On another, you might answer questions in an interview. In another, you will do something else.

The purpose of these tours is to promote your book. They usually last a week or two. If you don’t know how to set one up, you can pay for one to be set up for you. There are websites that will do this.

Email marketing to your list

This is one of the best types of marketing you can do. The first thing you will have to do is build a list. Once you build one you own it forever. The people on it already want to hear from you and will more than likely buy from you. This is the great thing about having a list

The only money it costs to send your email is the monthly subscription fee. Your email marketing provider Charges a fee every month for the use of their service. An example of these providers is MailChimp, sendlane, and Aweber.

These are a few that are out there. Some even have free subscription service. This usually depends on how many people are on your list.

Paid ads

As I said before one type of paid ad is social media ads. Like Facebook ads. Another is Google ads and affiliate ads.

Your affiliates create emails and promotions to send people to your sales page. They do the marketing. You pay them when someone buys from you through the affiliates link.

This is a win-win situation. You make money when someone buys what you are selling. The affiliate makes money. This is when a customer makes a sale through the affiliates link.

Trade ads with other authors lists

If you have a mailing list and or a website that receives lots of views you could try this option. Get together with others in your niche or genre. Offer to pass their ad to your customers while they do the same with their visitors and or list. It’s great when you can help each other out.

Take advantage of Amazon’s kindle up to 5 free days each 90 day period.

Now I haven’t had any luck with this option. I received a few sales, but not a lot. There have not yet been any reviews yet. But this is my own experience. everyone else has their own different experiences with this technique.

So, I am suggesting that you try it out for a year. If it doesn’t work then you don’t have to do it anymore. There have been many authors that use this and it works great for them. It boosts their sales and makes them even more money.


These are a few strategies to get you started. Do the ones you think might be fun. Forget the ones that don’t interest you. Some are free and some paid. It is all up to you and how you want to go about doing this. The point is that you need to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day on marketing at least.

You don’t have to do everything I mentioned in this post every day. Pick one and do it. That is all I can do right now so that is all I do. I am on all my social media sites every day promoting my work and checking out other people’s work.


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